Why you think customer engagement is essential for an online business?

If you don’t know how to impress your customers, then apparently you are missing a great deal. Understandwhy you must find effective ways to engage your customers?

Without customers, your business is nothing. Whatever you produce or develop and showcase online, are mainly for your targeted customers. The more your customers associate with your brand, the stronger your bond grows with them, which is very crucial for a successful online business. Check out from the top Web Design Company, Futuristic Bug, why customer engagement is necessary, and how you can do it?

When a customer starts communicating with your brand directly, it automatically establishes trust in their mind. Apart from that, your business can also earn loyal customers’ simultaneously. The question that arises how are going to improve customer engagementonline?

When you run any in store business, it is easy for you to interact with your customers directly and build a healthy relation with them. But what about this virtual world where you get no chance to meet your customers privately?

You can still make some effort to reach your potential customers and gain their confidence. Here, are the methods how?

Use social media platforms

In today’s digital world,the majority of the web browsers have their social media account be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. So, you can expect your potential customers to remain within them. But to reach your target audience among millions of users is quite a difficult task. You not only need to create a business account but also create a community and post content regularly to stay engaged with them. Your content can be anything but has to be appealing with complete details about your business so that they can refer back to your website when they feel the urge.

Create an app

Since modern customers prefer accessing the web world using smartphones, most of the entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it. They are coming up with lightweight apps to remain within the fingertips of their potential customers. This not only gives a user-friendly experience to their clients but also encourages them to buy products frequently. So if your business hasn’t taken the advantage of an app yet then get it today to move your business onestep ahead.

Build a Chatbot on website

A Chatbot is an effective way to answer the queries of your potential customers. Since a website is a virtual representation of an e-store business, you cannot personally interact with your potential audiences. You never know when your customer will visit your online store to buy their products or get any information related to your products. So, chatbots can always remain helpful in such scenarios as they will answer to most of the queries your audiences are having.


Provide your company’s contact details

Last but not the least, never forget to mention your company’s contact details like- phone number, email id and even address on the website. When your potential customer is not satisfied with the information provided on the website or even by the answers presented by the chatbots, they can directly communicate on the contact details that have been mentioned. Another advantage of providing the detail is that if your customer has any negative feedback, they can easily reach out to you to inform the same. It also allows you to boost business performance and gain their trust forever.

What else?


Yes, still there are other ways, to achieve customer engagement. You can give offers, discounts, perks to your customers or even send goody bags at their home address or greet them on their special occasion either by sending a card, flower bouquet or calling them personally.


But for anything else, you need professional help- starting from crafting a design for your website to making a strategic digital marketing plan for impressing your target clients and boost your brand value. So, in such a scenario when you feel you need an experienced professional who can help you in the process give a call to Futuristic Bug. We are the top web design companyoffering intrinsic web design services, as per your business need.

Know how social media platform can improve your web traffic?

Nearly 3 billion people are using social media platforms at present. So improving your website traffic using social media platform is not a big deal, unless you are aware of the strategy to do so.

You post anything on a social media platform, and the message instantly reaches all the members who are added with you. This is the power of the social media platform. Today, the use of social media platform is not only limited to staying connected with your friends and family members, rather it has emerged to  be a great platform for entrepreneurs too, where they are continuously engaging themselves to reach their potential clients. 

If your business is still not taking advantage of social media platforms, know how to take it from the best website development company, Esolz Technologies.

Create an account

The very first thing you need to do is create an account giving deep insight about your business and the products you sale. There are various social media platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. All you can do is after creating the profile you can link the platform with your website. So that people can easily visit it on being curious.

Post content

Then you need to create catchy content which can be anything starting from blogs, videos, pictures or any other design that makes sense and is related to your business and post it when the majority of your followers are active. Content is a great way of lead generation.

Make it shareable

Encourage and allow the content to get re-posted. This way, more people can come across the post or content, and if they like it, more names get added to your follower's list. Also, if they find the post or content to be interesting, then, they can even visit your website for immediate purchase.

Stay engaged with your audience

Only adding new names to your follower's list won’t help your business. You need to remain engaged with them to stay longer in their mind. To achieve this, you can arrange an online competition and ask your followers to participate, give exciting offers or discounts. Just remember engaging them for long can make your business memorable.

Use call-to-action

Whenever you post any interesting content, make sure to include your website link, asking your audiences to click on the given link for more details. This is a great way of diverting your target audience to your website.

Choose paid ads

You can also give advertisements on social media platform by purchasing a subscription. This way, even if your target audience doesn’t visit your profile to know about your brand, they will find the advertisement on their profile. Once they are curious about it, they can directly access your website using the link.

What Follows?

Once you can pique your client’s interest, they will surely visit your website to get further details about your brand. Even if they don’t make an immediate purchase, they can return in future to buy out the products they are interested in. Again, for that, you need a premium quality website, with an appealing design, which is possible only when you hire a professional from the best website development company.

Looking for the best company, offering high-end web development services? Reach out to the team members of Esolz Technologies. Our diligent designers and developers can create a stunning website and also provide complete support as per your business needs. 

Real reasons behind poor lead generation from your website

If your website is not reaping enough leads, then it’s high time to figure out the real reasons behind it. Why don’t you sit back and sort out the things before accelerating further?

The design of a website supplements to the development of brand credibility. But what if your website fails to generate leads? Your business will get lost amidst the crowd, failing to reach its target. Of course, that will not be good news for your online business. Before it is too late, you must identify the real reasons restricting your website from generating leads. Check it out from the best web development company, Futuristic Bug.

There might be several reasons behind the low performance of your website. Design matters to your users, but that is not the sole important thing. Here are other reasons discussed below that impacts your website performance and as a result, not turning your site visitors into leads.

The information is not presented in the right way

Visitors indeed visit a website for a purpose. If the purpose doesn’t get fulfilled then it is unlikely, that visitors will stay on a website. Since the competition in this web world is huge, visitors hardly have the patience to look for information on the website. Therefore, any information must be presented engagingly, fulfilling the user’s purpose for better lead generation.

Visitors are not getting any clear knowledge

It might so happen that the information that has been provided on a website is not sufficient enough and refraining users from giving it a second thought. It is highly important to give complete information along with real images if any to give a clear idea to users, spurring their interest level. The advantage of it is that even if users are not ready for immediate purchase, they can surely turn-up for similar products in future.

Website is not well-structured

Probably the navigation of the website needs improvement. Poor navigation of a website always causes hindrances in finding the relevant content. As a result, it takes a longer time of users than what is expected, resulting in poor lead generation. So, focusing on the website structure is highly important for lead generation.

Unable to rely on your products

If users fail to trust the products and services offered by the brand then they will hardly think about providing their details on the website. Impressive designs can always improve brand credibility. So, unless you work on the graphics of a website about the products you sell, users can never have complete trust in your brand.

To Conclude

Now that you have got a clear indication behind the sagging performance of your website, you need to take corrective measures to overcome the situation. Finding it difficult to do it yourself? Why not hire a professional from the best web development company? Futuristic Bug, being the top website development company offers high-end website design services that can explicitly amalgamate the design of your website to your business needs, generating more leads for your website. Hurry up! Talk to any of tour team members to secure your position online.

Challenges faced by the web development companies in modern world

The aggressive competition in the web world flings various challenges to the web development industries. What are they? Check it out from the top web development company in Kolkata.

A decade back web designing industries didn’t face as much competition as they are facing today. This is because of the growing popularity of websites has instigated every small and medium scale industries to come up with their own websites. This has not only urged the web development companies to come out with unique ideas but also to create user-friendly interfaces, to have more visitors on their websites.

Nowadays, the world of creative minds of the top web development companies are shrouded with two basic questions- “what needs to be done?” and “how it has to be done?”

They are facing major problems on the following areas-

User experience

Development of a website was never so complicated a few years back. Unavailability of smartphones made it easier for web designers and developers had to focus on uncomplicated web applications for bigger screens. But in the modern world, flawless design on smaller screen grabs major attention, irrespective of their screen size.

Scalability- It is something not related to the bandwidth of a website or its performance. It is balancing the traffic of a website, which sometimes require additional servers. So, nowadays the designs are created keeping a group of servers in mind. Or else, chances of webpage crashes can occur too frequently when a large number of visitors access a website at the same time. The designers and developers are presently using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for better scalability.

Overused stocked images - Since almost all small to medium scale industries have their web presence, the designers are not getting adequate images that can be used for designing a website. As a result, there are evidences of overused stocked images.

Website security- Many designers and developers are keen on creating a website neglecting its security. Since a website holds contact details, payment details and other confidential information of web visitors, safeguarding it from cyber-attacks has become inevitable.


Currently, there are above 1.70 billion websites. Although not all the websites are active, still there are myriad active websites that can contend with each other. Imagine the tremendous pressure on the shoulder of website Design Company and also on those entrepreneurs who are seeking forward to create a platform for themselves online. It's only brainstorming ideas that can support any website in flaring its popularity and also stand out of the crowd. Only an experienced professional can help in this case. Why not hire the leading web development company for organic traffic to your website, thereby improving the conversion rate? 

For any kind of assistance on website design services, you can look at the website of the top website development company, Esolz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and reach your target goal without hasting.

Using Instagram effectively can add more customers to your business

Marketing business on the latest and coolest platform Instagram, can add value to your business by adding more customers. The only thing you should know is how to do it effectively.

Setting up an online business is not an easy task. To go with the flow business needs to continually upgrade their marketing strategies. The immense popularity of Instagram makes it a fabulous platform for creating brand awareness within the target audience. Here are some of the effective strategies shared by the Search engine experts of the leading website design company, Esolz Technologies, to add new names to your customer’s list using Instagram.

The popularity of Instagram is increasing continuously and this popularity is not going to slowdown anytime soon. Certain tactics on Instagram can definitely make your business grow.

Using Hashtags Strategically- Using hashtags can surely grab the attention of many followers but many among us use it without any clear understanding. Particular hashtags can help you gain many followers but a business faces tremendous competition as well, for which followers sometimes unfollow it later. That is the reason switching hashtags periodically can help to retain their followers.

Identifying your audience

Although millions of users have an Instagram account, not all are interested in the products sold by your brand. This is the reason why you must identify the potential audiences and target them using several marketing strategies. This will not only save time but also help you earn more profit within less time.

Making use of Innovative tools

There are certain tools like VSC O, Ink361, SocialDrift that can help you gain more followers on Instagram than what you expect. Why not try those out to improve your brand visibility?

Uploading videos

You can also upload videos on Instagram to brag about your brand but whatever you post must give a clear understanding of your brand to your potential customers within the initial few seconds. You can also include writings or music to spur up their feelings, irrespective of the format you choose.

Running Contest

You can also create brand awareness by running different contests to attract individuals who are holding an account on Instagram. But to do it successfully you must declare a prize for it and get in touch with an influencer to get it widespread. Also, encourage followers to tag others and make your brand happening.

Now the question that arises is whether or not to go for business account?

The idea of switching to the business account might perplex your mind, but its effectiveness is dependent on the way you are implementing the Instagram algorithm. Why not try out the above-mentioned strategies as per your business needs? For assistance, you can contact the search engine experts of the leading website development company, Esolz Technologies. Our diligent team members will not only help in promoting your business on Instagram but will also work conjunctively with you to improve your brand credibility.

Influence of SEO services in India on digital marketing

In order to cope in this competitive market, every business owner hires a web design and development company to create their business website to promote their respective. But have you thought that there is exactly no point in building a website if no one gets to visit the website? To mitigate the chances of such a problem, SEO services in India have become an integral part of build the structure of the web campaign. In this tough competing market, it is not possible to keep yourself up above the niche market, until you do something extraordinary. SEO increases the digital traffic, website visibility and ROI which are the intrinsic elements of digital marketing. Every time a good ranking site gets a maximum number of visitor's digital footprints than others according to the rules of the eminent search engine like Google. Now undeniably, Google is the most used search engine to date by maximum internet savvy.

This is the era of digital marketing which has started to evolve technologies for more convenience and better strategies. To be one of the leading parts of digital marketing, it is essential to integrate SEO tactics with the website to gain the number of viewers and alter conversions. Moreover, the idea of digital marketing is not constricted to purchasing and selling as it can be anything like social interaction, news, entertainment, in short, something which helps to bring profit and makes revenues.

What is the function of Search engine experts in India?

Search engine optimization is a technique that helps the website to increase visibility. It incorporates multiple techniques and strategies to push the website ranking. The main two strategies are discussed below:

On-page Optimization

With the on-page optimization, the experts increase the visibility and traffic visits on the website. By adding some important and relevant keywords the experts try to increase the traffic visits so that visitors can visit the website and read the contents to fulfill their demands.

Off-page Optimization

The process of off-page optimization depends completely on the success of on-page optimization. It is about the promotion of the website and link building. The search ranking gets to affect by the incoming links. It is not about changing the website elements. The experts of the SEO services in India build links to reputed sites to get leads.

Why important to incorporate SEO with digital marketing?

1. SEO is very pocket permissible. Like, investing $1 for SEO can bring $43 for a company.
2. SEO is more important than email marking or SMO to drive more traffic to the website.
3. With effectively integrated SEO tactics, the web result can be pushed to higher like the first result of the first result.
4. The obligatory use of mobile devices makes SEO as an inseparable factor of digital marketing. Even Google also considers mobile website searchers as an important part of website ranking. This transformation from desktop popularity to completely on mobile phones has made it more important for the SEO services in India to use those tactics on the website.
5. Successful implementation of the SEO strategies always helps a website to stand out to be the best among the search engine ranking. SEO has the share of benefit in ROI, web traffic and increasing revenues.

How important is SEO for the field of digital marketing

In the domain of digital marketing, the website ranking is the key to success because the more exposure one gets, the more profit the company can gain. If exposure is the prime factor of succeeding then nothing can dominate SEO strategies in this market. Whereas it is barely possible to gather vast traffic on the website, SEO gives the best possibility. The constant work on SEO always brings positivity to success.

1. Generally, a user always refers to websites with a higher ranking.
2. With SEO techniques, website visibility and UX can be increased.
3. SEO is great for promoting any brand or website as it always comes up at the top of the search engine to grab the attention of the people.

What would happen without SEO?

What would happen if SEO dies? Sometimes, we get to hear that SEO is dead, but in reality, SEO is something which can't be vanished without making feel its absence. The reason for this statement is that Google keeps on changing the algorithms of the search engine so without the help of the Search engine experts in India, it is hard to cope with the change because only experts understand these techniques. SEO is not merely about the keywords, contents and link buildings because there are many further implementations that SEO is incorporated with.

Discover unknown facts with Web design service provider in India

Millions of websites do exist on the internet but do we really bother about all of them or do we really find each of them useful for serving our purposes? Needless to mention how some of the websites completely stand out to be different, relevant and useful to us while others don't. Do you know what are the two elements to make the difference? If one is proper web design then the other is web development. Without a proper design, no website can drag the attention of the people towards your brand that is why the Web design service provider in India incorporates all the important features with the website. Have you thought what makes a web design different than others? These days, designing a website becomes easier because of the existence of some web designing software like WordPress or other paid website designing tools but that does not help to make a difference. In the following points, staggering facts of web designs will be summed up in brief. People do not realize these facts but a day without internet seems myth for people of this era.

The average span for attention has reduced to maximum 8 to 12 seconds


The technology has literally augmented the speed and reduces the patience in mankind. How? A goldfish is having a 9-second straight attention span which is still longer than an internet user. A website needs to load its page in the shortest possible time because the impatience among the internet users will make them abandon the website. To avoid the risk of bounce rate the website design has to be simple with less complicated content and image so that it can pace up the loading speed.

Two-thirds of the web usage by mobile devices

The advancements of the mobile device technology have reached the pinnacle of success but this is not the end because the discovery of new features on a daily basis is a common factor now. But do you have a website optimized with mobile devices? If no, then your website is not having the proper number of digital traffic. The best Web design services in India provide a website which can satisfy all the requirements of the visitor. The number of desktop users is reducing alarmingly every day so the website should be mobile-friendly.

Choose lists over large, monotonous paragraphs


In order to provide a better skimming experience, the designers choose bold, crisp lists over long-written paragraphs. Undeniably, text-heavy pages are great for SEO but it has a daunting effect on the readers as skeptical psychology works always among people about reading mostly. Instead of too many texts, short, descriptive yet information contents or headers will work efficiently.

Demographics are a big turn on for visitors

The idea of common demographics for every sort of websites is a big turn off for the visitors. A lot of studies involves creating demography to live up to the expectation of the visitors. With the help of the Web design service provider in India, different sort of demographics can be designed.

7 out of 10 visitors find the company by blogs

Blogs are great in dragging visitors to the website so no excuse should be acceptable while designing a website. Releasing a blog weekly can also be helpful for the visitors to the blog is a very important part of the design to drag visitors more to the website.

More than 2.9 billion Google searches are being executed

As SEO is one of the prime elements to consider in content so is with the web design. It is important to do a lot of searches to find out the exact keywords that visitors are searching in your niche. Along with the keyword, the search engines prefer certain types of designs with the latest embedded technology so the designers should incorporate that technology with the website.