Popular blunders made by the SEO service provider

It has been seen that SEO blunders can actually happen to any professional based website companies. The SEO mistakes can actually happen with most reputed companies since they have a lot of responsibilities. Hence they have to maintain it with many modifications. Here in this blog, you would come across the basic mistakes of SEO which even repeated SEO service provider can make and can be a prominent reason for which it loses its rank in a website and also causes a degradation in traffics.


  • Here comes the major blunder which is putting the keywords in such places where it loses ranks. Earlier it was higher the keyword density is equal to ranks on each page when posting on the smo services but today's methods are very different. Google would always give more rank to a page which consists of content and has all the relevant facts. Search engines are more focussed on the Quality content and solving problems and even using the keywords with variations. You must write the content which attracts the readers more and also helps to understand or make their search complete.

  • There are times when people just fail to update their content which results in no search engines and also no traffics. One should put an effort to make sure that all the old content of the web pages re-reviewed well and also well updated. Fresh content is loved by both the visitors as well as by the readers.

  • One of the most critical thing for any website redesign is Seo. One should keep in mind that while writing a content SEO plays a very critical role and hence the content needs to be well updated. If the SEO is well reviewed the web page would increase in its rankings.

  • There are numerous times when the SEO companies fail to update the content regarding a particular product. One need to update it every day.Seo is not a one – time affair it needs to be updated very often to increase the ranks of the website.

  • Your overall marketing strategy can put a massive impact upon your SEO. One should make sure to put good marketing strategies to increase the traffics and also relevant conversions in the long run.

Mistakes can happen even with the most intelligent people. However, one should very careful while giving responsibilities to SEO expert and see if he/she reviews the content on a prior basis while posting it on the website. IF there is any technical problem regarding the keyword make sure that they can fix it. The content should increase conversions and helps in the rankings of the website.