Challenges faced by the web development companies in modern world

The aggressive competition in the web world flings various challenges to the web development industries. What are they? Check it out from the top web development company in Kolkata.

A decade back web designing industries didn’t face as much competition as they are facing today. This is because of the growing popularity of websites has instigated every small and medium scale industries to come up with their own websites. This has not only urged the web development companies to come out with unique ideas but also to create user-friendly interfaces, to have more visitors on their websites.

Nowadays, the world of creative minds of the top web development companies are shrouded with two basic questions- “what needs to be done?” and “how it has to be done?”

They are facing major problems on the following areas-

User experience

Development of a website was never so complicated a few years back. Unavailability of smartphones made it easier for web designers and developers had to focus on uncomplicated web applications for bigger screens. But in the modern world, flawless design on smaller screen grabs major attention, irrespective of their screen size.

Scalability- It is something not related to the bandwidth of a website or its performance. It is balancing the traffic of a website, which sometimes require additional servers. So, nowadays the designs are created keeping a group of servers in mind. Or else, chances of webpage crashes can occur too frequently when a large number of visitors access a website at the same time. The designers and developers are presently using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for better scalability.

Overused stocked images - Since almost all small to medium scale industries have their web presence, the designers are not getting adequate images that can be used for designing a website. As a result, there are evidences of overused stocked images.

Website security- Many designers and developers are keen on creating a website neglecting its security. Since a website holds contact details, payment details and other confidential information of web visitors, safeguarding it from cyber-attacks has become inevitable.


Currently, there are above 1.70 billion websites. Although not all the websites are active, still there are myriad active websites that can contend with each other. Imagine the tremendous pressure on the shoulder of website Design Company and also on those entrepreneurs who are seeking forward to create a platform for themselves online. It's only brainstorming ideas that can support any website in flaring its popularity and also stand out of the crowd. Only an experienced professional can help in this case. Why not hire the leading web development company for organic traffic to your website, thereby improving the conversion rate? 

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