Discover unknown facts with Web design service provider in India

Millions of websites do exist on the internet but do we really bother about all of them or do we really find each of them useful for serving our purposes? Needless to mention how some of the websites completely stand out to be different, relevant and useful to us while others don't. Do you know what are the two elements to make the difference? If one is proper web design then the other is web development. Without a proper design, no website can drag the attention of the people towards your brand that is why the Web design service provider in India incorporates all the important features with the website. Have you thought what makes a web design different than others? These days, designing a website becomes easier because of the existence of some web designing software like WordPress or other paid website designing tools but that does not help to make a difference. In the following points, staggering facts of web designs will be summed up in brief. People do not realize these facts but a day without internet seems myth for people of this era.

The average span for attention has reduced to maximum 8 to 12 seconds


The technology has literally augmented the speed and reduces the patience in mankind. How? A goldfish is having a 9-second straight attention span which is still longer than an internet user. A website needs to load its page in the shortest possible time because the impatience among the internet users will make them abandon the website. To avoid the risk of bounce rate the website design has to be simple with less complicated content and image so that it can pace up the loading speed.

Two-thirds of the web usage by mobile devices

The advancements of the mobile device technology have reached the pinnacle of success but this is not the end because the discovery of new features on a daily basis is a common factor now. But do you have a website optimized with mobile devices? If no, then your website is not having the proper number of digital traffic. The best Web design services in India provide a website which can satisfy all the requirements of the visitor. The number of desktop users is reducing alarmingly every day so the website should be mobile-friendly.

Choose lists over large, monotonous paragraphs


In order to provide a better skimming experience, the designers choose bold, crisp lists over long-written paragraphs. Undeniably, text-heavy pages are great for SEO but it has a daunting effect on the readers as skeptical psychology works always among people about reading mostly. Instead of too many texts, short, descriptive yet information contents or headers will work efficiently.

Demographics are a big turn on for visitors

The idea of common demographics for every sort of websites is a big turn off for the visitors. A lot of studies involves creating demography to live up to the expectation of the visitors. With the help of the Web design service provider in India, different sort of demographics can be designed.

7 out of 10 visitors find the company by blogs

Blogs are great in dragging visitors to the website so no excuse should be acceptable while designing a website. Releasing a blog weekly can also be helpful for the visitors to the blog is a very important part of the design to drag visitors more to the website.

More than 2.9 billion Google searches are being executed

As SEO is one of the prime elements to consider in content so is with the web design. It is important to do a lot of searches to find out the exact keywords that visitors are searching in your niche. Along with the keyword, the search engines prefer certain types of designs with the latest embedded technology so the designers should incorporate that technology with the website.