Protect Your Car’s Paintwork Using the Best Ceramic Coating in Silicon Valley

Just like anything we own, we take care of our cars. Maintaining the surfaces of our vehicles can be fun for some and for others, it’s a pain or time sink. We get it. Owing to a regular ride, lack of proper care and the over-exposure to dirt, dust and grime, a car's paintwork can lose its luster. As per the best ceramic coating in Silicon Valley, one of the best ways to take care of a vehicle's paintwork and keep it in an impressive condition is to bestow adequate care upon it. Below are some of our top tips and tricks to help you upkeep the surface of your vehicle. Whether it’s the shine, the smoothness, or the cleanliness of your car’s paintwork, there’s methods that tackle these conditions altogether. –


Best Ceramic Coating in Silicon Valley

The clear coat of your vehicle serves as the sacrificial layer between its paintwork and your environment: 

Every little bit of dirt, bird crap, insert muck, and chemical etching can do damage to the surface of our vehicles. Having a car isn’t cheap. We worked hard to earn ourselves one to bring us from Point A to Point B and some of us have chosen one that really appeals to our aesthetic tastes. We can’t control the weather nor the flying rock chips or the many things that surround us in our everyday drive. To help retain as much value on the surfaces of our vehicle, this is where we focus specifically on the clear coat of any vehicle. Every vehicle comes with traditional clear coat but it’s often not robust enough to protect against the many scratches and chips we get on the road. Any how often do we like to retain the shiny gloss on our vehicles? Waxes and sealants don’t really last that long. This is where getting the best ceramic coating in Silicon Valley and consulting with paint protection experts in Santa Clara can help us retain the value of our vehicles and, ultimately, simplify the upkeep permanently. 

Many people approach us asking for paint protection but the first thing to consider is, what is the condition of your paint? Investing in solid paint restoration services is what can help you save yourself from spending on a full paint job. But going beyond this, you also want to ensure your vehicle is in the most prime showroom-like condition possible before locking it down with permanent paint/surface protection. When it comes to the condition of your paint, we look closely at the deepness and length of scratches, etching, swirl marks, fading, as well as how much your clear coat has really taken on from environmental fall out. Based on this, a seasoned ceramic coating or paint protection film expert should be able to give you sound recommendations that are specific to your car. Is it a cookie cutter solution? Not necessarily. The best results usually come from close communication and alignment on our client needs so we can determine what level of paint restoration work needs to be done.

Paint restoration generally entails surface cleaning, deep cleaning of the paintwork with claybar, wet-sanding, compounding, polishing, and waxing. Whether you have a classic car or just bought a vehicle right off a dealership, we’ve got a variety of approaches to offer.

Once you have paint restoration done on your vehicle, you can then consider whether you want to reap the benefits of permanent paint and surface protection. If you’re someone who often waxes and seals your vehicle or one to get frequent details, you may want to consider a solution where you are only recommended to just get hand washes for the long run. Imagine saying goodbye to waxing or cutting down the number of details you get per year.

Ceramic coating is three times stronger than clear coat. But aside from that robust layer of protection, water and liquids roll right off, making it much easier to clean and maintain. Ever heard of Rain X? That stuff is hydrophobic. But did you know ceramic coating is SUPER hydrophobic? So what does that mean? The surface contact angle is even greater on super hydrophobic material, meaning water and liquids will bead and roll off more easily as compared to something that’s coating with hydrophobic chemicals. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend too much time dropping and picking up your car for occasional details, this really cuts to the chase. After getting your vehicle ceramic coated, you can effectively go to your favorite or most convenient hand wash station out there and see how quickly your vehicle goes back to its shiny glossy state. What’s funny is after a ceramic coating treatment, sometimes your vehicle will end up looking much better than even when you bought it. When we say showroom shine, it’s not just when you bought it off a dealership lot. The superior gloss of paint restoration combined with ceramic coating work can really make heads turn.

So where does paint protection film come into play? While ceramic coating can help us protect our vehicle from most of the environmental fall out and chemical etching or UV rays, rock chips are another thing. Paint Protection film can serve as an invisible shield to your vehicle. If you ever look closely into this service, we highly recommend you scope out the paint protection experts in Santa Clara to ensure you’ve got installers who will help ensure the film isn’t sloppily applied. A lot of this hinges on the workmanship that you choose. If you’d like to learn more, check out or call Xscend Detailing at for questions.

At the end of the day, we want to ensure every customer is well educated before they purchase auto surface protection solutions so they walk out with the highest level of satisfaction.